Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer Review

Then one day I came across this little devil. The Stamina In-Motion is like my dream trainer. I had it delivered to my office, and it is in my cabin since then. You have seen how small this is, right? If you have not, check it right now. This trainer takes up the space equal that occupied by a pair of dumbbells. I am really excited to write this Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer Review.

Just to give you a sneak peek about the item, it is super lightweight and features some of the best technologies you can afford at a cheap rate. The rest of it you’ll find in the review. So, read on.

Use it while sitting or Standing

The Stamina In-Motion is designed to be compact and so it has only the pedals and the wheel that helps to turn those pedals. While sitting, you will be able to make your lower part of the bodywork for fitness, much like an upright bike if you ask me.

And when using it while standing, you will be engaging most of your body into action, thus getting a full body exercise. Now here is a twist. It has no upper body support and so using it while standing requires some practice. With the help of the monitor, you can check your progress, time and speed.

Tuck it anywhere

The Stamina Elliptical is designed with a foot-pedal-only chassis. This gives the trainer a petite yet compact shape. As a result, you can store it almost anywhere you want. I store mine in a closet of the side-desk. And sometimes I simply tuck it under my desk. It is very light, so carrying it is no fuss at all.

You can use this in a small apartment space and don’t have worry about storage. If you are an athlete going on a tour, you can take it along with you. So, nothing can keep you from your fitness training routine.

Dynamic Exercise

Stamina is small, but it offers dynamic exercise routines. The tension can be changed from difficult to easy by turning a knob. And the elliptical also supports forward and backward motion pedaling. Altogether, the trainer can deliver multitudes of workout patterns. As a result, although being a pedal only trainer, this little devil can help you exercise your whole body.

You have 15 levels of resistance to challenge your stamina. With each level, the training gets harder. You never feel “Done” with the trainer as the next level is harder than the previous one. It is the perfect tool that lets your capabilities increase and reinvent yourselves.

Sturdy and Secure

This elliptical trainer is small but durable. It is constructed with steel and so will go a long way. The foot pedals are textured to make sure your foothold is secure. Unless you lose balance while in standing position, there is little risk in using the In-Motion Elliptical Trainer.

One other thing I can add in my Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer Review is that this trainer comes in three colors. At least, I got to choose among three when I went to buy it. I bought a lime green one because it suited well with my office’s interior.

Details in Motion

It can be used while sitting or standing.

Multi-functional Monitor helps you keep track of your workout progress.

Slip-resistant pedals

Low impact design; exerts less strain on the knees, ankles, and hips.

Foot-pedal-only Chassis; takes up very little space, can be put under a desk or in a closet.

Extremely lightweight and easy to assemble.

Tension can be adjusted using a knob to suit your needs.

Both forward and backward pedaling motion supported; lets your exercise different muscles.

The pedals are designed with a textured surface to make your foothold safe and secure.


–    It takes a little time to get used to.

–    Some reviewers reported that the machine is not durable enough.

–    Low-priced and beginner level unit.

FAQ for the Product

This unit may raise some eyebrows due to the price. Some of you might have questions that are obvious. So, in this section, let us go through few of them as I try to answer them according to my own experience and knowledge of the machine.

How does the stride feel when you are using this machine?

It feels like you are walking instead of climbing when you use this mini-elliptical machine.

How much weight can you lose using this machine?

If I set the scenario like you are using it with a standing desk and doing 3000 steps per day, you can lose 8lbs of weight in 6 weeks to be exact. It helps you lose the same amount of calories once you jog or even run on the road.

What is the weight limit of this thing?

I believe the maximum weight it can work with is 250lbs.

Can anyone explain the warranty period to me?

It carries a 90-day warranty for parts. You get a year of warranty for the frame itself.

How long does it take to assemble?

You can assemble it in twenty minutes or so. It is around 20 pounds only in weight. So, carrying it to the desired place shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

Final Words

If you don’t have enough space to accommodate a whole trainer or if you need something that will be discreet yet efficient, the Stamina In-Motion is what you need. This Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer Review has been short just like the trainer itself.

If you want something that aids your daily fitness routine without cutting your wallet all the way through, this is the one you should get. Also, for a cheap unit, I was surprised by the range it has and decided to put the word out as a review.

And so I hope you didn’t skip any section and actually read the whole thing. Anyways, this trainer is a space saver, can prove to be a great workout companion and a great addition to your home gym as well.


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