Exerpeutic Heavy Duty 21 Inch Pro Stride Magnetic Elliptical Review

Exerpeutic Heavy Duty 21 Inch Pro Stride Magnetic Elliptical Review

I have been using the 21 Inch Pro Stride Elliptical by Exerpeutic for some time now and I am really satisfied with the machine. I have a family of four and all of us share the same opinion. So, if you are looking for a review from someone who has actually used the trainer, here is one. In this Exerpeutic Heavy Duty 21 Inch Pro Stride Magnetic Elliptical Review I will try to give all the info I know and have come to know through use. It comes with a long stride platform and a heap of options. Read the following review and get to know the machine for yourselves.

Longer Stride, Larger Pedals

This elliptical trainer by Exerpeutic has a longer stride length compared to many others I have seen. It has a stride length of 21 inches and comes with larger pedals. Moreover, the gap between the pedals is around 6 inches, which is almost the same gap between our feet.

The longer stride length and a limited gap between the pedals, paired with larger pedals, make your workout session comfortable and as natural as possible. The natural movement feel provided by the dimensions help to reduce strain on the joints, esp. the knees. Plus, the pedals are ribbed, so your foothold is secure and there remains no risk of slipping during exercise.

Keep your Heartbeat on Track

If you have had been to a gym or had a gym trainer, you should know that your heartbeat rate is vital during a workout session. Our targeted pulse rate changes from individual to individual. The fixed handle handles are integrated with Dual Sensor Pulse Pads.

These pads measure your heartbeat rate and display the readings on the LCD. The blue LCD Display is backlit, so it is easy to read. By keeping track of your heartbeat rate, you can stay within your pulse rate target. The display also shows time, distance, calories, scan, RPM, and recovery.

Move Back and Forth With the Pedals

Just like the famous elliptical models from other brands, this Exerpeutic elliptical gives you the freedom of moving backward and forward. The Dual Direction Flywheel and pedals along with the Dual Action Handle Bars makes this possible.

Now, why will you need to stride backward? When striding forward, you are exercising only one group of muscles. So, when you stride backward you will be able to exercise the other different muscles. In this way, you can strengthen almost all of your leg muscles.

Easy to Manage Magnetic Resistance

The Exerpeutic Heavy Duty 21-Inch Pro Stride Magnetic Elliptical is equipped with 15 Level ECM Magnetic Tension Resistance System. The benefit of Magnetic Tension Resistance is that its operations are seamless. You will not have to put even a little force when changing the resistance level, from easy to difficult. And with 15 different levels, you can have a dynamic workout session.

Moreover, to make the elliptical further useful, the high-quality crank system has been used in its manufacturing. This makes the machine to function quietly, without making any unwanted noise. It doesn’t even squeak after years of use.

Easy to Move Around when You Need to

This heavy duty elliptical trainer itself weighs 50 pounds. So moving it around should be a problem, but it is not. The elliptical trainer has attached transportation wheels which assist in moving the trainer from one place to another.

Two other things are included with the trainer. One is a water bottle holder and the other is a book rack. I tried to fit my tablet over the book rack, but it was a bad idea. So, I suggest you not to try that.


Weight capacity is 350 pounds (max)

The large pedals are provided with ribbed design; this makes your foothold secure and safe

21-inch stride length makes it useful for tall people as well.

A shorter gap between the pedals mimics our feet.

You won’t feel a strain on your knees.

Dual Action Handle Bars for complete upper body workout.

Dual Sensor Pulse Pads integrated into the fixed handles for heartbeat tracking.

The large blue LCD display is backlit and so it is easy to read

15-Level Magnetic Tension Resistance provides a comprehensive workout.

The high-quality crank system keeps the machine quiet.

Dual Direction Flywheel makes it possible to pedal forward or backward.

Built in transportation wheels help to move the machine easily.


–    Assembling this thing is a hefty task.

–    It has so far been quiet for me but other reviewers reported that it squeaks eventually.

FAQ For the Product

I can imagine questions might lurk in your mind when you are purchasing an Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Elliptical Machine. In the section below, I will try to answer few of the prominent questions that I see popping up everywhere.

Does it need batteries?

It is manually powered. When you are exercising, it is powered by yourself. But for the display console, you’ll need two AA batteries.

The Warranty period for the machine?

The machine is covered for damages by 3-year limited warranty.

Final Verdict

As you are reading this last section, I presume you have gone through the whole Exerpeutic Heavy Duty 21 Inch Pro Stride Magnetic Elliptical Review. I have not heard or read about any complaints regarding the Exerpeutic Elliptical.

So it will not be wrong to assume, it can definitely be one of the best trainers in today’s date. But its decision to take. Give it a thought, in fact as many thoughts as you deem necessary and then buy a trainer. Nevertheless, Exerpeutic is a good name and a reliable brand. It exerts very little chances of disappointing you.

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