Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer Review

When choosing an elliptical sometimes we don’t like a lot of mumbo-jumbo (not really, though) and want something simple but useful. In these cases, a Body Rider Elliptical is what you need. It has a down to earth feel to itself and does its work efficiently. Here’s my Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer Review that’ll tell you about my “Hands On” experience with this product.

There is no age limit to using this fitness trainer. Anyone can use it. The process is simple. You just get on and start pedaling your way to fitness. Seniors will find it rather easy to ride on.

It has a unique fan, great resistance system and it is super easy to use. Not that I’m foreshadowing, you’ll find a lot of interesting features if you dive deeper into the review. So, let us begin.

Chain Driven Fan and Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer Review

The flywheel of the machine is a very important part of an elliptical trainer. In fact, the wheel plays the primary role in producing the ellipse motion, which is just like natural running.

In the case of the Body Rider Trainer, manufacturers have used a chain driven wheel. It is a characteristic feature of this wheel and by extension the trainer, that it runs smoothly and quietly. You can do your workout in a peaceful and noiseless environment.

This weighted flywheel poses a challenge to the fitness geeks in terms of resistance and workout regime.

Manually Adjust the Resistance

The Body Rider Trainer is equipped with an adjustment knob set close to the display. This adjustment knob helps you to adjust the resistance level according to your needs. By changing the resistance, you can add versatility to your workout routines.

Plus, exercising on different difficulty levels enables you to exercise different muscles of your body. You have a lot of options in terms of resistance levels. Fitness enthusiasts at beginner level will find the resistance challenging and can exercise to their heart’s content.

Dual Action Handle Bars

Some people have a wrong idea that elliptical trainers mainly focuses on the lower part of the body. But let me tell you, that is not the case. The reason the handlebars are called Dual Action ones is because they help the trainer to perform two different actions.

The first one is the pedals that help you exercise your lower body. And the second one is the handles that collaborate with the pedals to engage your upper body into exercise simultaneously. In this way, the Body Rider Elliptical helps you get total body fitness.

Display is a Plus

I had already mentioned in the beginning that this trainer is a rather simple one. It is designed with a simple digital display that is set a little lower than most trainers. But that is the biggest selling point for such an “Entry Level” product.

The display helps you to track your progress. With the help of the display, you can know the time, speed, distance, and calories. You can also track your heartbeat rate.

The elliptical trainer also comes with a visual workout guide. If you are a noob with such trainers, the video guide will help you to set up your exercise routines. Plus, you will be able to easily get used to the machine.

It is a Piece of Cake to Use

One thing that impresses me about this machine is its super sturdy. Don’t let the size and the stature fool you. This one can stand the trial of time. Besides that, anyone can start to use it from day one. The DVD proves to be a big help in this cause.

A lot of Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer Reviews mention that it is easy to put together within minutes. All the parts you need for the job are included! The maximum weight limit is 250lbs. So, medium-build people will enjoy using this handy workout system.

It is not noisy. People can use it while watching TV or while their kids are asleep without waking them up. This one is super easy to store after you are done as well. You can slide it over your TV or put it in a corner of your house.


Zero impact design exerts little or no strain on the joints.

The ellipse motion design makes exercising feel natural and easy.

The Flywheel being chain driven, there is negligible friction, so the trainer runs smoothly.

Dual Action Handle Bars help to get total body workout.

The pedals are textured to ensure we don’t slip and fall.

The simple digital display shows scan, time, distance, speed, and calories burnt.

The resistance level can be manually adjusted turning a knob to suit our needs.

It weighs around 60 pounds, so it is easy to move from one place to another.

The main frame is made of steel for durability.

A visual workout guide is included with the trainer to help you out

Body Rider has two problems:

Handlebars may tend to get loose after a while.

The 12-inch pedals are suited for shorter people.

FAQ for the Product

If your mind is bubbling with questions that you are itching to ask about this Body Rider Trainer, feel free to go through the segment below.

Can I put the handlebar on “Stationary Mode”?

Yes, you can switch the handlebars of the machine on a stationary mode while exercising if you prefer.

What is the warranty period of this machine?

How much wide is the product?

It is 9-10” wide. It fits perfectly in a small apartment space. You can even fold it up for a convenient storage option.

How heavy can this machine be?

It is 58 pounds in weight. I’ll call this moderately heavy. This won’t cause you any problems but just to be safe, assemble the product with another person’s help.

Parting Words

I’ve been saying this all along my Body Rider Fan Elliptical Review that this is an entry level product. Of course, you won’t get fancy features, bells and whistles you expect from a top class machine.

Having said that, it is a cheap elliptical trainer. The compact design and the sturdiness make up for the low price. The weight range and the workout options you get with it are almost too good to be true.

Think about it, a machine with a small footprint and all the essential functions for the beginners will set you on the right foot when you are just getting started on your fitness journey. On top of that, you are getting this machine at a convenient price too. It is a deal breaker!

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