Best Road Bikes Under 500

Picking the right road bike for yourself can be a bit of a tricky process which is why we decided to compile this buyer’s guide featuring the Best Road Bikes Under 500 price tag. Hopefully, the guide will help you pick the right bike and save some money in the process.

Editor Choice top four road bikes Comparison Table

Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike review
  • Giordano Libero Acciao
  • Editor Rating 4.99
  • Wheelset: 700c
  • Frame: High Tensile Steel
  • Fork: High Tensile Steel
  • Handlebar: Alloy 42cm c/c
  • Chain: KMC
  • Tires: 700c x 25 black
  • Brakes: Alloy Side Pull
  • Shifters: Shimano Tourney STI 14 Speed
Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano review
  • Vilano Aluminum
  • Editor Rating 4.90
  • 700c Doubled Walled
  • 6061 Double Butted Aluminum
  • 700c 1 1/8-Inch Threadless
  • Alloy
  • KMC
  • 700c x 25c
  • Alloy Caliper
  • Shimano A050
Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike-700c review
  • Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s
  • Editor Rating 4.85
  • 700c Wheels Round
  • 6061 Aluminum with replaceable derailleur hanger
  • High Tensile Steel
  • Alloy 42cm c/c
  • KMC
  • 700X25c
  • Alloy Side Pull Front and Rear
  • Shimano ST2300 STI 16 Speed
Vilano Shadow Road Bike
  • Vilano Shadow Road Bike
  • Editor Rating 4.80
  • 700c doubled walled
  • 6061 Double Butted
  • 700c 1 1/8" threadless
  • Alloy
  • KMC
  • 700c x 25c
  • Dual Pivot Alloy Caliper
  • Shimano A070 STI Integrated Brake Lever

Introduction To Best Road Bikes Under 500 in 2018 , We will rank the best road bikes.

Road biking is the favorite pastime of thousands of people around the world, but the reality is many road bikes can come at extremely high prices. Not everyone can afford to pay thousands of dollars for a road bike so finding just the right bargain is what you will want to do.

Now, your local store might not have any bargains, but this is why the internet exists. Online, you will be able to find a number of good options for road bikes under $500 and these bikes won’t necessarily be any worse than the more expensive ones. While you may not get the expensive brand or the exact quality, there are plenty of bikes under $500 that will serve you just fine.

If you are looking for a cheap road bike it is likely you are new to cycling and just looking to try how it works for you, so it makes sense you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a completely new activity. This is why we decided to create this guide to help you choose exactly which road bike under $500 you should buy.

How To Choose Best Road Bikes Under 500

These are a few main factors you should consider when looking to purchase a road bike under $500:

The Weight:

When looking for a road bike, even one under $500, you should look for one that is as light as possible. The frames from which road bikes are made are usually fairly light, but finding the one with the best weight to strength ratio will be extremely important as you will want a firm yet lightweight bike. The lightest bikes out there are made of carbon fibers, and while it may be difficult to find such a bike for the best road bikes under 500 dollar. there will still be plenty of light bikes in that price range so keep a keen eye on the overall weight of a bike.

The Materials:

Most of the bikes in the under $500 range will be made of aluminum, but if you get lucky you may find a carbon variant as well. Some parts of the bike will be made of steel and titanium, with titanium naturally being the better option for its extreme endurance. While carbon is certainly the best value for the buck, aluminum bikes can still be fantastic but keep an eye on those materials and if you find a carbon bike for the price, you should probably pick that one.

The Size:

When buying a road bike, people often make a mistake of not looking for the ideal size. While it may seem it’s just a bike and you can ride any size, the size of the bike will actually matter a whole lot. While it may be hard to choose simply based on the catalog with sizes, the best thing to do is to try it yourself. If you are ordering online, you should try to find a manufacturer who offers a big variety in size choices, and try to adjust as close as you can.

The Parts:

A road bike consists of many components and when you are looking to buy a bike under $500, buying one that is made of Shimano parts will be the wisest thing to do in most cases, as they combine a mix of low price and solid quality. Whatever the parts in your bike, doing some extra research on the parts themselves may give you a general idea of how they will work within the bike and what you can expect.


This is another important part to look at when buying a road bike, just like it will be when you are buying a car. The bike itself may be cheap enough, but how difficult will it be to maintain? Do its parts break easily? Has this bike been known to need many repairs? Will the local stores have the parts and be willing to do the repairs for your particular bike? These are all the questions you may ask yourself before jumping into purchasing a particular road bike.

Top Road Bikes Under $500

With all the above considerations in mind and more, we have compiled a list of the top 10 road bikes under $500 you should look at buying when looking to get a new road bike for yourself to enjoy.

Pure Fix Cycles Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

Pure Fix Cycles Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike review

The fixie road bikes are some of the simplest and most modern road bikes on the market. Coming at a very affordable price and manufactured with the use of Kenda, Oury and KMC parts, these bikes are a blend of cheap price and solid quality.

These fixie bikes feature modern style blended with a colorful and versatile plethora of accessories that will keep you both safe and stylish at an affordable price. When looking to purchase one of these you will be given a wide range of saddle, handlebars and other component designs to choose from, to create your perfect bike.

Whether you are a fixed of freewheel rider, these bikes are great for you, as the flip flop hub feature allows you to switch between the two with ease, giving you the option of either more liberating freewheel rides or the more strict and to the point fixed rides.

The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the frame which is really great and a one year warranty on the parts designed by other companies as a show of good will. Pure fix cycles are a great option for anyone from experienced cyclers to newbies, and no one should have a problem adjusting to these fantastic road bikes.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike review

Even more affordable than the first option, the single speed road bike by Takara Kabuto is a fantastic option for the first timers. If you are buying your first road bike ever and looking to save money in case you are not super exhilarated with the whole

Even more affordable than the first option, the single speed road bike by Takara Kabuto is a fantastic option for the first timers. If you are buying your first road bike ever and looking to save money in case you are not super exhilarated with the whole experience than these bikes are fantastic for you.

While they do not include a number of advanced options and are not made of expensive materials like carbon fibers, these bikes will certainly get the job done. While it lacks certain components a more advanced and expensive bike may have, such as a suspension mechanism or pedal straps, this bike certainly looks and feels like the real deal and works great for beginners.

Considering the extremely cheap price, the bike does still come with some nice features such as the flip flop hub allowing you to switch between the fixed and freewheel riding although it does seem the freewheel mode is somewhat imperfect on this particular model.

The fixed riding mode on the other hand seems to work like a charm and for the price it comes at this bike is certainly one of the best mixes of value and quality out there.

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano review

Somewhat more advanced and a little more expensive, this particular bike is your entry level 21 speed road bike. If you are new to cycling but looking for a bike with a few more options which will allow you a little more freedom and options on the road, this is the right pick for you.

Looking at some of the ways this product will benefit you, I found that the light weight of the bike will really make for enjoyable and smooth rides while the overall material quality will absolutely guarantee for reliability and firmness a good bike requires.

Another major advantage of this bike is that it will come dealer ready, meaning about 90% assembled which will save you from having to spend more time and money paying for handymen or assembling the bike yourself, which can often be very time consuming and even dangerous if you don’t get it just right.

This bike features a very modern and urban design, which will be bound to make you look good as you ride it and the parts in it include Shimano handlebars and shifters which are of the top quality. Such extremely well-made parts are a rarity in a bike priced so low and if you are the next step of a beginner, this bike will give you more than enough to work with for quite a while.

Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike review

Coming with a very powerful steel made frame that will allow for much more damage and wearing than your common aluminum frame, the Giordano Libero Acciao Bike is one of the more powerful ones in the under $500 category.

Now you might expect that a steel bike will be heavy, but from my experience, this particular one has been very light to ride and the statistic has it weighing between 25 and 30 pounds, which is extremely light for a steel frame bike.

The steel frame was hand crafted by Italian craftsmen with extreme precision and at a reasonable price it will pack a mean punch compared to much of its competition. The bike can be ordered in small, medium and large size, accommodating for different riders.

The wheels on Giordano Libero Accaio are extremely light, which goes a long way to compensate for the generally heavier frame and the ability to shift between flat and hilly ride with the integrated Shimano shifters will make for a very smooth ride.

If you are looking for a bicycle that is sturdy and firm but light at the same time, while not spending too much money I would absolutely recommend this particular one as it will give you all that combined with optimal riding adjustability and versatility.

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike-700c

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike-700c review

At the very edge of the under $500 category, this bicycle is one of the finest I could find for the pricing. Weighing at about 23 pounds, it is certainly one of the lighter products in its category and for the price, you will pay, you will truly get an exceptional piece of cycling equipment.

The bike is available in only one color combination, the red and white, but this particular one is extremely modern and smooth and you should be more than satisfied with it. One major benefit of this bike is how easy it is to assemble when ordered online, as some of the other models may take many hours or even professional help to put together.

The most beneficial aspect of this particular bike is certainly the lightweight frame as you will find it easy and smooth to ride uphill and the weight of the bike itself will not be pulling you back much at all.

This bike is extremely simple to put together and even novices should have no problem setting it up, but those who have ridden more advanced bikes may have a bit of an issue with the breaks and speed shifting as both are sub-par to other, more expensive bicycles.

While some of the components may not be top of the line, and the tires may need upgrading for optimal riding, this bicycle is likely one of the best you can get for under $500 and most novice to intermediate cyclers will be more than satisfied with its performances.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle review

For all you girls out there looking for an affordable but solid quality bicycle, I would strongly recommend the Urban Lady Beach Cruiser. While this is by no means the best road bike on the market, it will come very cheap and cover all the needs most female recreational riders may need.

The frame size on this one is 16 inches and it is designed for ladies between 5 and 6 feet tall. Some special features are added to accommodate for the ladies such as the wide selection of colors it comes in and the extremely large saddle which allows for maximum comfort and safety.

The most important advantage of this particular bike is the fact it was designed particularly for girls, with extra safety and very beautiful design in mind. The safety elements include the extremely strong breaks and strong, powerful frame, which will both allow you to feel as safe as possible, while the colorful design will make sure you look and feel good while cycling about.

Personally, I would recommend the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser to all the girls out there who don’t take cycling too seriously but just like doing it as a hobby as it is certainly one that will keep you safe and sound while also looking very modern and urban at the same time.

GMC Denali Road Bike

GMC Denali Road Bike review

Another cheap 21-speed bicycle made using Shimano parts and high-performance 700c tires, the GMC Denali is a fantastic mix of cheap and reliable. Whether you are looking to take it to work or union a daily basis or you want to work out and shed some pounds, this bike will serve you just fine.

GMC prides itself with their bikes holding to the same standard as their trucks, which goes a long way to testify as to the quality of the bikes. For the less experienced riders, these bikes will certainly be among the better options to choose from as the firmness of the frame and the quality of the parts are hardly matched by many other under $500 bikes.

The slight disadvantage of these bikes is that they come in a very unassembled state, so it will take a lot of putting together to get them into a riding state and this may be a lot for a novice, which may cause you to spend extra money getting a shop to do it for you. However, if you are a bit more advanced cycler, the ability to assemble your own bike from scratch may give you some options you normally would not have.

Merax 21 Speed 700C Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle

Merax 21 Speed 700C Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle review

Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame and weighing under 28 pounds in total, this is another great under $500 bike that you may want to try out.

At an extremely affordable price of under $200, it is extremely hard to find a bike worth your while, but this one by Marex is quite exceptional, as the 21-speed bike will actually allow for quite a bit of versatility and comfort as you ride it.

The main benefit of this particular bike for the riders comes from the fact that the lightweight frame actually allows for some great maneuverability while still maintaining the firmness and strength needed to keep you feeling safe and comfortable during longer trips.

Whether looking to exercise or ride around town, for just under $200 this particular bike will never be a bad option for just about anyone and you can’t go too wrong getting yourself one.

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike review

When looking at this bike, the one thing that most caught my eye was the extreme adjustability it provided for. These bikes by Critical Cycles allow for a whole host of parts being added or removed, making the price go up and down, but plenty can be bought for under $500.

While the assembly of these bikes might take a bit of time and expertise, the bikes themselves are extremely well made and once assembled should provide for an extremely enjoyable experience. What is more, the bike comes in a variety of sizes and dimensions and the extreme adjustability allows just about anyone to get a perfect fit bike.

The lack of front breaks and other slight deficiencies may not make this a perfect choice for a professional cycler, but if you are a novice or simply someone who enjoys cycling and does not care too much about the super advanced accessories, this bike is one of the best in the industry for you, and there is no reason not to give it a shot.

Vilano Shadow Road Bike

Vilano Shadow Road Bike

Another great bike in the under $500 category, the Vilano Shadow Road Bike is an entry level bike for all those looking to get into cycling as either a hobby or means to shedding come fat and remaining fit.

Among the main benefits of this bike I have to include the extreme controllability of breaking, which is achieved with very high-quality breaks that will stop your bike in a blink of an eye at your command. This in combination with the 14 speeds it provides will give you great control over every spin of the wheels and it really makes this bike stand out in the crowd.

The anatomic comfort saddle designed specifically to give you the ultimate commotion when riding and keep from any lower back pains or issues is another great feature and in combination with the firm and sturdy design of the frame, Shadow Road Bike is among the finest cheap bicycles on offer today.

Final Verdict

I tried to cover some of the finest and most affordable bicycles available on the modern market. For each of these bikes, the maximum budget remains under $500, which means you will be able to get a bicycle with great features and sturdy frame for a very affordable price.

When choosing the right one for yourself, make sure that you don’t just pick by the exterior look but also look into the parts used, availability and cost of spare parts and general performance data.

Look into the Amazon customer reviews to find out what others who have bought and ridden the particular bike think about it, as there is no better way to find out if a bike is worth riding than talking to those who have ridden it already.

For me personally, a good bicycle comes with a combination of an affordable price, sturdy and quality parts from well-known manufacturers, availability of spare parts and favorable customer reviews. When you find a mix of these things you have found the right bike for yourself and you can proceed to checkout.Best of luck finding the right fit for you and remember to keep all our advice in mind before buying one.

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